PBS to unveil PBS TJ100P turbojet engine at IDEX

Prvni brnenska strojirna Velka Bites (PBS), an EASA certificated manufacturer, expands a product line of turbojet engines. PBS, the company with an over fifty-year history in the aerospace industry, will unveil new fuel lubricated turbojet engine PBS TJ100P at fair IDEX 2021 Abu Dhabi. 

The PBS TJ100P engine has been purpose-designed for unmanned disposal applications, target drones, and other air-launched and ground-launched UAVs. PBS TJ100P is the modification of the successful PBS TJ100, that has worldwide sold more than thousands of units.

The customers will appreciate that the fuel lubricated engine without a separated oil system has no tilt angle limits during start and flight operation. The engine has capability of air-launched accelerated start within 8 seconds.

The electrical power output up to 2.3 kW fulfills the growing requirements of the current market. Due to a reduced weight of 17.2 kg and thrust of 1,250 N, the PBS TJ100P turbojet engine achieves an excellent thrust-to-weight ratio in its thrust category.

The engine can be adjusted for saltwater landing recovery. Other modifications are the customized design of fixing points or extended exhaust nozzle.

“We try to adapt to market demand as much as possible, both in developing entirely new products and modifications of the current ones.“ States Mr. Milan Macholan, the CEO of PBS.


Main technical parameters of the PBS TJ100P engine

Turbojet engine PBS TJ100P
Maximum thrust1,250 N
Maximum speed0.8 M
External diameter of the engine272 mm
Engine weight17.2 kg
Maximum altitude for air-launched start6,000 m
Maximum operating altitude10,000 m
Electrical power output750-2,300 W
Min. / max. ambient temperature-35/+45 °C

Why PBS?

  • 5O years of experience in aerospace industry
  • More than 14,000 supplied aerospace turbine units
  • EASA certification and DOA, POA, MOA approvals certifications

 PBS Product segments

  • Aerospace (turbojet engines, auxiliary power units, environmental control units)
  • Cryogenics (turboexpanders, pumps and compressors for liquefaction of inert gases)
  • Power engineering (power generating units, turbines, industrial boilers)
  • Investment casting (nickel-based, cobalt-based superalloys castings)
  • Service and maintenance (APUs)
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