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APT produces high-performance non-lethal pyrotechnics and low-velocity ammunition for the defence and security sector. Mohamad Al Falasi, CEO of APT, highlights innovative solutions and tactical assets that are ideally suited to operations on the battlefield and in civilian settings. Excerpts from the interview:

APT has adopted military standards and German technology specifications in accordance with international regulations and is registered with the NATO Codification Bureau

Mohamad Al Falasi, the CEO of APT is responsible for providing strategic leadership for APT, and has over two decades of experience in business management, particularly in the fields of weapons, ammunition manufacturing, project management, training and R&D. He has held several senior positions throughout his career and has been successful in establishing effective working teams and systems.Prior to joining APT, Mohamad was the Head of the Licensing Division at the Ministry of Defence.

With world class pyrotechnics manufacturing facilities, APT is now a leading manufacturer of high-performance non-lethal pyrotechnics and low-velocity ammunition for the defence and security sector. Could you take us through your success journey and major achievements?

A leading regional manufacturer established in 2016, APT produces high-performance pyrotechnics and low-velocity ammunition at its advanced manufacturing facility in the Tawazun Industrial Park (TIP) in Abu Dhabi. The military-grade testing and manufacturing process is driven by a deep understanding of the environments and scenarios where these tactical assets are needed the most.

APT’s key customers include the UAE Armed Forces, Critical Infrastructure and Coastal Protection Authority, Abu Dhabi Police, Sharjah Police and Dubai Police. With an ultimate mission of supporting safety and security, APT delivers innovative solutions that are ideally suited to operations on the battlefield or in civilian settings.

APT makes use of high-grade pyrotechnic technologies to manufacture high-performing products. Could you give us a detailed picture about APT’s products including smoke grenades and projectiles for signalling?

Flagship APT products include a range of hand grenades, thunderflash, signal cartridgesand sound and flash grenades– designed for use by military, special forces, law enforcement and rescue teams – which feature either incapacitating sound and light capabilities, signallingand coloured smoke and irritants for a wide range of applications.

To go one step further in meeting customer requirements, APT has been developing hybrid products comprised of several effects embodied within one product, such as sound & flash and CS smoke, sound & flash and CS powder dispersion, sound &flash and colour smoke products.

As with all APT’s products, these are flexible and dependable – with the density, speed of deployment, and burning duration of the smoke cloud all fully adjustable. Furthermore, the smoke colours are comprised of organic dyes meaning the grenades are environmentally friendly, with protected aluminium packaging ensuring a long shelf life.

Over the years APT has developed technical and technological capabilities to produce advanced pyrotechnics for the region’s armed forces and security agencies. How competitive is the sector and where does APT stand among the players?

Competition is a part of any business, and APT differentiates itself from the competition by focusing more on what the customer wants and their primary needs as we are more flexible and innovative in our approach.  We strive to build on our current capabilities to extend our product offering and remain flexible enough to accommodate different requirements from various customers.

What are the standards APT has adopted to ensure the safety of operations and the sophistication of facilities?

APT’s focus is on building positive, long-term and sustainable relationships with customers, with products fully customisable to meet the needs of specific operations. The company has adopted military standards and German technology specifications in accordance with international regulations and is registered with the NATO Codification Bureau.

APT has recently been certified with the Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2015.The company has approved Occupational Safety and Health Management System from Abu Dhabi Occupational Safety and Health Centre (OSHAD) as a mandatory statutory (legal) requirement.APT is also reporting to IDB (sector regulatory authority) HSE department directly.

There is an established industrial base to support more complicated systems and subsidiaries within the EDGEGroup to which APT belongs, which are keen to collaborate in providing services such as testing facilities and laboratories.

APT has support services designed to offer expertise to the whole industry, from training new recruits to partnering with other leading defence manufacturers. Could you elaborate on these support services?

APT is a company within the Weapons and Missiles cluster of EDGE, an advanced UAE-based technology group for defence and beyond that ranks among the top 25 military suppliers in the world. APT products are reliable, easy to use and affords safe handling since clear operating instructions are provided with the products to customers.  APT offers any additional training customers may need.

 As realistic training is required for operational readiness, you need to expose trainees to realistic but safe imitations of explosions. What type of support does APT provide in this area?

APT supports training in terms of operational usage and technical information requirements.  Operational training is simulated with a realistic approach by providing electric smoke grenades with sound simulation (one of the latest products used by law enforcement training in Germany).

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected industries across the globe. How did APT brace for the impact of the pandemic? What are the post Covid-19 plans?

The ongoing pandemic has created a challenging operating environment for most commercial companies around the world, and APT and its parent company, EDGE Group, are no different. We are fortunate to enjoy deep and trusted relationships with our customers and key suppliers and this lends itself to an attitude of confronting the challenges together. APT’s executive leadership has also been proactive in foreseeing the potential effects of the economic slowdown prompted by the pandemic, and have acted accordingly. The safety of staff, partners and customers has been of the highest priority in APT’s internal approach to mitigating the effects of the virus.

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