Almaz – Antey to Unveil Antey-4000 at IDEX

Almaz – Antey Air and Space Defense Corporation presents its main military product range at IDEX – 2021 international defense exhibition and conference in Abu Dhabi (UAE). The company’s delegation includes experts from its six subsidiaries.

The company’s exhibition stand will provide visitors information about latest long, medium and short-range air defense, upgrade options for earlier produced equipment, and other Almaz – Antey designs.

Almaz – Antey exhibits models of Viking, Tor-M2E, Tor-M2K, Tor-M2KM surface-to-air missile systems (stationary and mobile versions), Palma ship-based automated anti-aircraft artillery system, Komar turret launcher for Igla-type MANPADS.

It will be the first time the company presents information on its Antey-4000 long range surface-to-air missile system of its Antey line at a foreign exhibition. The system features new capabilities against air targets, able to engage them at higher range, altitude and speed.

Due to its high performance, Antey-4000 can be used for protection of key administrative, industrial and military installations. Mounted on a full-tracked chassis, it can move easily across rough terrain and protect areas and military units at the theater of war. Antey-4000 surpasses its predecessor Antey-2500 by range, altitude and speed of aerodynamic targets and is unmatched in its class.

Another novelty is the upgrade of Stela SAM system, widely known across the world, to the level of Sosna SAM system, which includes 100% longer range, 200% larger ammunition, hampered detection of the unit operation and fully automated tracking and engagement of the target.

Presentations on Triumph S-400, Favorit S-300PMU2, Buk-M2E,  Sosna SAM systems, Tunguska-M1 gun/missile SPAAW, Shilka-M4 ZSU-23-4 SPAAG, simulators and target stations for anti-aircraft systems operators’ training, and on the company’s offers to upgrade and repair earlier supplied equipment will be available as well.

Designated screens will feature information about naval anti-aircraft protection products, including Rif-M and Shtil-1 ship-based SAM systems, Palma ship-based automated anti-aircraft artillery system, and Komar turret launcher.

Almaz – Antey deputy general director for international trade Vyacheslav Dzirkaln stated, “Given the complex situation in the world, we participate in IDEX-2021, one of the most popular global defense exhibitions, with the view to strengthen the company’s image as a reliable supplier of exclusive products helping its client countries retain their sovereignty and stay secure.”

He noted that the company will again demonstrate its research and production potential, including valuable opportunities for upgrade of earlier supplied equipment.

The deputy general director emphasized that the company had always demonstrated independent technical solutions, economic stability and provided highly competitive products to its customers.

Almaz – Antey is entitled to engage in foreign trade deals at its own discretion with regard to defense products, including supplies of spare parts, repair and upgrade of earlier supplied equipment.

Almaz – Antey is one of Russia’s largest integrated defense sector conglomerates, employing some 130,000 people. The company’s products are in service in over 50 countries. 

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