Cosmos Special Tapes for Defence Sector

Cosmos Tapes & Labels Pvt. Ltd. has specialized in providing a broad range of customized products for various manufacturing industries. With a focus on delivering exceptional quality at an affordable price, Cosmos is a reliable partner for customers with special technical, regulatory, or mechanical requirements.

Cosmos Tapes is a MSME with ISO 9001:2015, ZED and IATF16949 certifications.The company’s expertise is in sourcing the most suitable raw materials at optimum prices internationally and converting them as per the customers designs in their factory in India. Cosmos has a complete in-house testing facility to ensure quality according to customer needs.

Cosmos undertakes customized operations and provides excellent products of self-adhesive tape technology. The major Applications and Products in Defence manufacturing are:

Noise Reduction Solutions

They absorb, block, or damp unwanted sound waves.

Vibration Control Solutions

Solutions to control vibration while simplifying product assembly.

Thermal Insulation Solutions

Our light weight self-adhesive solutions for thermal insulation specializes in managing conductive and radiant heat energies.

Mounting Solutions

Our light weight self-adhesive tapes for mounting of components instead of bolting or screwing them, reducing the chances of rattling noises and easing the application process.

Electrical Insulating Solutions 

Custom electrical insulators including Conductive Metal Foils, Polyester tapes, Glass Cloth Tapes, Nomex Paper, Polyimide Tapes etc.

Thermally Conducting Solutions 

They address a crucial problem with low-powered electronic devices – the need to dissipate the sizable amounts of heat being generated.


Cosmos Tapes can die cut intricate custom gaskets from a wide variety of open cell and closed cell foams, rubbers and elastomers.

Specialty Tapes Solutions

The company has inhouse facility to convert special purpose tapes, sourced from the global suppliers. These tapes include:

  •  Thermal Conductive Tapes
  •  Masking Tapes (General purpose, High Temperature, Powder/CED Coating, Shot Blasting)
  • Double Sided Tapes
  • Filament & Duct Tapes
  • Aluminium Foil Tapes
  • Electrical Insulation Tapes
  • Surface Protection Tapes
  • Air Vent solutions for sensitive electronic/lighting equipment

The company is trying to reduce customer’s import costs of finished products by sourcing raw materials for manufacturing products requiring highly specific applications.

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