Russia’s Typhoon vehicles join global MRAP market

Russian Remdizel company has developed a range of the highly protected wheeled armored Typhoon-K vehicles, encompassing 4×4 and 6×6 vehicles intended to integrated logistics support in various environments. The latest addition to the family is the brand-new Linza field ambulance vehicle, that was for the first time showcased abroad by Rosoboroneхport at Aero India 2021 in Bangalore.

Typhoon–K vehicles provide a high-security level for the crew and cargo from small arms fire, from anti-tank and land mines. They can be reconfigured for various roles such as armored personnel carriers, armored ambulances, infantry combat vehicles, armored recovery vehicles.

The Typhoon K-63968 6х6 armored modular vehicle with a setting capacity of 3+14 persons and a curb weight of 22 t is especially designed for the dangerous combat missions. Independent suspension with hydro-pneumatic supports allows for an automatic and forced change of rigidity and ground clearance parameters, and ensured high travelling comfort and effective vibration damping. The tubeless tyres have an anti-mine insert and controlled pressure. Remdizel points out, that the Typhoon K-63968 chassis can serve as a base for mounting technological, engineering and special equipment and creating vehicles of various configurations.

The Typhoon K-53949 Linza armored filed ambulance vehicle enables the evacuation of up to six wounded from the battlefield. According to the official information of the Russian MoD, the Army’s vehicle is protected against all types of small arms, withstands an explosion of up to eight kilograms of TNT under the wheel. The wheels are also armored, and a vehicle with a damaged wheel can travel up to 50 km on rough terrain.

Various modifications of Typhoon-K vehicles are already being introduced into the Russian Armed Forces and offered at the global market by Rosoboronexport.

Among the weapon systems that can be fitted into Typhoon-K vehicles are various remote-controlled weapon stations (with both machinegun and artillery armament) and missile launchers. The 4×4 Typhoon-K with Kornet-EM long-range missile system was earlier demonstrated at the ARMY international military expo in Russia.

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