Milanion Group & Aegean Projects Delivers USV Conversion of 6.8m RHIB to a NATO Country

The successful partnership between UAE-based Milanion Group and Athens-based Aegean Projects has demonstrated by delivering the USV Conversion of 6.8m RHIB to a NATO Country within 90 days after signing the MOU.

We are proud to announce the delivery of the Unmanned Surface Vessel conversion of the 6.8m RHIB to the Army of a NATO and EU Member State. Our specialist teams worked around the clock to ensure the tight delivery deadline (3 months) was met on time and within budget, despite the strict and unpredictable COVID-19 restrictions, said Vassilis Hatzigiannis, CEO, Aegean Projects

USV’s are a proven cost-effective method to add force multipliers to a fleet while removing personnel from dull, dirty, and dangerous situations. The USV can be configured to loiter, patrol, report and, if required, to intercept other marine traffic.

We hit the ground running with our partnership with Aegean Projects and are already generating interest from prospective clients about unmanned land and sea vessel projects in Europe and further afield said Davinder Dogra, CEO, Milanion Group.

About Milanion

Milanion Group LLC is a leader in the design, development and manufacture of unmanned autonomous technologies and platforms for land and sea vessels. Working in consultation with, and feedback from end-users in the Defence, Civil Defence, Security, and Fire and Rescue sectors, we deliver UGV and USV capability solutions that put personnel out of harm’s way and exceed the high standards set for the planning and execution of mission-critical applications. Milanion can respond, execute, and adjust at speed; to develop and deliver robust world-class unmanned autonomous solutions, within budget and on time to meet changing client needs.

About Aegean Projects

With over 50 years of accumulated experience, Aegean Projects have exceptional working knowledge and expertise on Defence and Law Enforcement European Government procurement processes and systems; providing leading-edge solutions on hard to solve operational challenges.  We are teaming with leading defense contractors to engage our highly skilled personnel for local sub-contracting and integration. Aegean also provides services for all phases of a tender, up to contract finalization.

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