Almaz – Antey to showcase civil & military Products at Aero India

Almaz – Antey Air and Space Defense Corporation presents a wide range of its military and civil products at Aero India 2021 at Bangalore.

The high level delegation from the group includes representatives of Almaz – Antey and its five subsidiaries: NPO Almaz named after A.A. Raspletin, Izhevsk Electromechanical Plant (EIMZ Kupol), PAO Radiofizika, Head center “Granit”, and Ulyanovsk Mechanical Plant.

The company’s exhibition stand will feature models of long, medium and short-range air defense missile systems, as well as videos and multimedia presentations of other air defense systems developed and produced by Almaz – Antey. The guests and participants of the exhibition will get to know the combat tools of Triumf S-400 and Viking SAM systems, various versions of the Tor SAM system, including Tor-M2K standalone unit mounted on TATA chassis.

The delegation will also focus on presenting its services to repair and upgrade air defense systems. Almaz – Antey experts will explain about the advantages of field technical maintenance and reconditioning of air defense capacities, maintenance of specific components of air defense capacities, modular maintenance, checkup and repair of measurement equipment with REDIKOM unit (the latter will also be present at the exhibition as a model).  Information on upgrade of Tunguska-M1 gun/missile SPAAW and Osa-AKM1 SAM system will also be provided.

A special place will be allotted to radar equipment. In particular, PAO Radiofizika will present its Sula radar station model at a designated podium.

“Our participation in Aero India aims to encourage the region’s countries to purchase the military products, designed and produced by the company and to increase our foreign trade activity,” Almaz – Antey deputy general director for international trade Vyacheslav Dzirkaln said.

He noted that the company’s participation in the exhibition will serve to demonstrate its research and production potential to develop, produce, service, equipment life extension, upgrade and utilization of military products. He also indicated that the company plans meetings and negotiations with potential clients at the exhibition.

Almaz – Antey is entitled to engage in foreign trade deals at its own discretion with regard to defense products, including supplies of spare parts, repair and upgrade of earlier supplied equipment.

Almaz – Antey is one of Russia’s largest integrated defense sector conglomerates, employing some 130,000 people. The company’s products are in service in over 50 countries. 

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