HENSOLDT is Awarded Top Innovator Seal of Approval

Awards given to top 100 German companies

The sensor specialist HENSOLDT is one of the 100 most innovative companies in Germany. This is corroborated by the 2021 TOP-100 seal of approval, awarded by the compamedia competition for innovation management. This year, particularly innovative companies are honoured for the 28th time. The award is based on an analysis of 120 criteria to assess whether innovations at HENSOLDT are the result of strategy and processes or random products. The repeatability of innovative performances is also evaluated on this basis.

HENSOLDT’s Chief HR Officer Peter Fieser and CEO Thomas Müller, are proud recipients of the TOP-100 award for innovation.

When receiving the award, HENSOLDT CEO Thomas Müller stated: “We are proud to be counted among the innovation elite in Germany. Innovation is the result of long-term strategic planning, the pooling of creative energies in the company and the creation of an environment, in which employees can contribute their knowledge and enthusiasm.”

In 2021, compamedia also evaluated the companies’ reaction to COVID-19: “We rapidly adjusted to the new situation and were able to continue market operations without suffering any drop in performance or profits. For example, we carried out product demonstrations for clients using video conferencing and live streaming in 2020. We successfully concluded a critical design review with all participants working from home. We successfully completed an intercontinental repair operation using remote diagnosis, sending the replacement parts and supporting the actual repair using video conferencing”, added Peter Fieser, Chief HR Officer at HENSOLDT.

Furthermore, HENSOLDT has also committed to working for the public good during this time. 3D printers and precision guillotines were used at several sites for the production of face shields for healthcare institutions. These initiatives were driven by HENSOLDT employees.

Prof Dr Nikolaus Franke, the Chief Scientist for TOP-100, is impressed by the companies that have received the award. “The TOP-100 companies have consistently concentrated on being as innovative as possible”, he noted. Ranga Yogeshwar, the science journalist, has now been the mentor for the competition for innovation management for ten years.

The TOP-100 seal of approval has been awarded by compamedia since 1993 for particular innovative strength and outstanding innovative achievements. Prof Dr Nikolaus Franke has been the Chief Scientist since 2002. He is the founder and chairman of the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. Franke is one of the leading international researchers in innovation, having been awarded 25 research prizes and published over 200 papers.

HENSOLDT is a pioneer of technology and innovation in the field of defence and security electronics, with more than 150 years of heritage through predecessor companies such as Carl Zeiss, Airbus, Dornier, Messerschmitt and Telefunken. Based in Taufkirchen near Munich, Germany, the company is a leading strategic player in the field of sensor solutions for defence and non-defence applications. HENSOLDT develops new products to combat a wide range of threats based on innovative approaches to data management, robotics and cybersecurity. With more than 5,500 employees, HENSOLDT generated revenues of 1.11 billion euros in 2019. Since September 2020, HENSOLDT has been listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and the SDAX stock market index there. 

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