Dr. Buschek appointed to DIEHL Defence Managing Board

The growing defence business covering guided missiles, caliber ammunition, reconnaissance and protection systems as well as recently the field of system solutions for ground-based air defence, in conjunction with various new future perspectives at Diehl Defence, gave rise to strengthen the company’s managing board and to make it complete once again.

Dr. Harald Buschek has been responsible for the ground-based air defence in the company so far and, in addition, was now appointed to the body and takes over the management of all business units with effect from January 1, 2021.

Thus, he will reduce the workload of Helmut Rauch who kept the responsibility for the business units in personal union to date, after he was appointed President of the Corporate Division Board and after the appointment to the Diehl Executive Board more than one year ago.
After concluding his studies of aeronautical and space engineering at the University of Stuttgart and after obtaining his Ph.D. at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta/USA, Dr. Buschek joined the company in 1995 and has most recently been setting up the new product line ground-based air defence and lead it to international success.

By concentrating the defence business in the lead company Diehl Defence within the Diehl Group in 2017, a four-person body was appointed as managing board. Now the body will be set up as follows:

Dipl.-Ing. Helmut Rauch, Strategy and Shareholdings, Sales, President of the Corporate Division Board;
Dipl.-Betriebswirt Thomas Bodenmüller, Finance and Administration;
Dipl.-Ing. Harald Buschek, Ph.D., Business Units;
Dipl.-Ing. Frank Kienzler, Research & Development, Production, Supply Chain Management.

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