Kalashnikov Launches a New Surface-to-Air Missile

Kalashnikov, the manufacturer of the AK 47 attack rifle has launched batch production of a new guided missile 9M333 for the air defense systems of the Strela-10M family.

“Onsite testing of the missile at the Donguz test site in the Orenburg Region has been completed successfully. The missile’s batch production has begun under a contract with the Defense Ministry,” – said the company’s press release, stressing that the missile is a fire-and-forget weapon.

“The missile’s distinguishing feature is a self-homing warhead operating in three modes (optical contrast, infrared and anti-jamming), which is its key advantage over other weapons of the same class”, – the press service said.

The 9M333 missile can hit low-flying planes and helicopters amid optical jamming as well as drones and cruise missiles.

Strela-10M highly mobile air defense system is designed for protection of army units in any forms of combat operations and on the march against air threats at low and ultra low altitude.

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