NIMR Celebrates 20th Years as Leading Military Vehicle Manufacturer

NIMR, the leading manufacturer of combat-proven wheeled military vehicles, marked its 20th anniversary in serving the defence sector in the UAE and beyond. Following extensive investments in building battle-proven platforms, NIMR is widely recognised as the foremost manufacturer of armoured vehicles in its class, and offers end-to-end solutions including mission system integration and logistics support.

NIMR commenced operations in the year 2000 with its first vehicle, NIMR1. Since then, the company has delivered thousands of vehicles to regional and international clients. Over the past 20 years, NIMR’s business has grown from strength to strength, with its vehicles building a reputation for their versatility, ruggedness and exceptional performance in some of the world’s harshest environments. Highly customisable, NIMR platforms are renowned for their plug-and-play electronic architecture that allows for seamless integration of multiple weapons and mission systems.

Today, NIMR has a portfolio of 20+ mission-proven military vehicles capable of addressing the most demanding duty-cycle requirements across complex mission-critical scenarios and has the largest facility among similar military vehicle manufacturers in the region. Over the years, NIMR has successfully grown its global footprint through joint ventures and partnerships with defence operators in countries including Algeria and the Visegrád Group of nations (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia).

In its milestone 20th year, NIMR is excited to have a very healthy order pipeline to enable it to sustain and grow well into the future. The company is currently preparing to roll out second generation of its product portfolio that will reinforce its sophisticated technical and engineering capabilities.

Dr. Fahad Al Yafei, President – EDGE Platforms & Systems, said, “NIMR’s story is one of focused ambition and progress. We are proud to witness the company’s surge from a small, homegrown enterprise to the highly competitive and globally recognised armoured vehicle manufacturer it is today. Through relying on its passion and determination to succeed, the company has pioneered many firsts in the region over 20 eventful years. We now have our sights set firmly on the next 20 years of growth.”

Abraham Du Plessis, Chief Executive Officer of NIMR, said: “NIMR has always sought solutions that differentiate its value proposition to stay ahead of the curve and we are pleased and proud to celebrate this milestone. We owe our success to the competencies and skills of our people and will continue to leverage these to ensure our offerings remain innovative and differentiated. We also reiterate our commitment to complying with the highest standards in design and manufacturing to ensure protection and mobility. Only through doing so can we deepen our global synergies as we continue to expand.”

NIMR offers complete end-to-end solutions in its area of specialisation, including mission systems integration support. The company’s vehicles are manufactured at its state-of-the-art facilities that conform to international quality and military standards and are designed to endure a diverse scope of mission requirements. NIMR is part of the Platforms & Systems cluster within EDGE, an advanced technology group which ranks among the top 25 military suppliers in the world.

NIMR is a leading regional manufacturer of combat-proven, high-performance light- and medium-weight wheeled military vehicles. The company designs, assembles, manufactures, integrates and provides after-sales service for a range of armoured and soft-skinned vehicle platforms. Established in 2000, NIMR vehicles are recognised for their battle-tested versatility, ruggedness and performance, and are built at state-of-the-art facilities in compliance with international military standards. NIMR vehicles are designed to meet the most demanding duty cycle requirement for off-road performance and its specialist applications provide market-leading vehicle mobility, crew safety and reliability over life in-service. The company’s extensive testing regimen gives soldiers the confidence they require during the most gruelling missions, under highly demanding conditions.

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