Goldhofer Market Leader for Transport Equipment


Goldhofer is the world market leader for transport equipment in the field of general and heavy-duty road haulage and oversized cargo transportation. With a full and technologically mature range of products, Goldhofer meets an extremely wide variety of needs in almost every transport situation. Goldhofer has also extended its aircraft tractor range.

Quality engineering and outstanding reliability are the hallmark of Goldhofer’s products for military applications. With their “made in Germany” high-end quality label, these vehicles take the harshest climate in their stride and guarantee trouble-free transport operations in the most difficult conditions. Goldhofer has decades of experience in the manufacture of military transport vehicles. The design focus is on flexibility, economy and ease of operation. For example, the company’s special vehicle range includes tank transporters in the categories: on road, off road and combined terrain.

Armed forces around the world also choose Goldhofer aircraft technology, which are naturally in compliance with all the relevant standards. The product range of conventional aircraft tractors, cargo tractors and aircraft tractors for aircraft carriers covers a wide type of military aircraft.

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