Godrej pledges continued support to Indian Navy

On Indian Navy Day, which falls on December 4, Godrej Security Solutions recalls its long association with the Indian Navy in providing security solutions and reiterates its commitment to help the navy enhance its security quotient

Indian Navy’s association with various organisations for decades has brought laurels to the country’s defence system  and has helped the defence sector reach greater heights and transform with time. These associations have also made possible stregthening of core relations under ‚Make in India‘ initiative and Atmanirbhar Bharat despite the global pandemic.

Godrej Security Solutions has been associated with the Indian Navy and Armed Forces for many years and has not only helped the sector evolve with time but also helped to enhance the security quotient by implementing advanced security solutions that has further helped the sector and also helped to secure the sailors at base.

The association has enabled Godrej Security Solutions to supply water-tight doors, hatches and emergency escape scuttles for the marines. GSS has also designed, developed and supplied pressure type doors and hatches for Indian naval submarines. As a part of Godrej Security Solution’s values and beliefs regarding tested and government certified products for its customers, it was the only vendor having Type Test certificate to supply A60 door with water-tight arrangement to the Indian Navy.

Over the years, Godrej Security Solutions also received and executed prestigious orders for P15A and P15B from Mazagon Dock Shipbuilder in order to supply WT doors and hatches, which include CAT A and A60 arrangement to the Navy. The company also received and executed orders for P71, first Indigenous aircraft carrier from Cochin Shipyard Limited  to supply WT doors, besides orders for P28, LCU (Landing Craft Utility – 8 Shipsets) and SVL (Survey Vessel Large – 2 Shipsets) to supply water-tight doors and hatches. These orders and shipments have helped the Navy to continue seamless operations and help protect our nation.

Godrej Security Solutions’ relationship with the Indian Navy has also achieved many milestones as a unit. In 2005, GSS Marine Solutions partnered with GRSE (Garden Reach Shipbuilding Engg, Kolkata) to supply WT doors and hatches for Indian Navy project P28. In 2007, GSS Marine Solutions partnered with Indian Navy to supply PT doors and hatches for submarines. The company is one of the approved vendors for Indian Navy to supply water-tight doors and hatches. The company started this journey from the year 2005 when it received order from GRSE to supply WT doors and hatches for project P28. Recently, in 2019 GSS Marine Solutions partnered with GRSE to supply emergency escape scuttles for Indian Navy SVL project.

Apart from specialized and need specific security solutions for daily operations, Godrej Security Solutions has provided the Navy with fire and burglary resistant safes and locker cabinets for the offices to keep important documentation safe and has provided the Defence industry with a wide range of premise security solutions which include access control and scanning systems like bollards, scanners and turnstiles. Some of these fall in the Defender Safes category that are primarily designed to protect against burglary and break-ins. These are helpful to protect important documents and deeds. Along with safes, Godrej Security Solutions has also contributed the fire resistant filing cabinets and fire resistant record cabinets. Apart from securing valuables and documents that are confidential in nature, Godrej Security Solutions has also provided the Navy with premises security solutions that consist of a wide range of products securing every entry and exist points on the docks.

As a pioneer in the security solutions segment, Godrej Security Solutions is immensely proud of associations as such and will continue to contribute towards the protection of the nation. Associations such as these only strengthen bonds during these unprecedented times. Godrej Security Solutions also strives to grow with technological innovations and product development with a focus on ‘Make in India’ products and solutions to best suit the nation.

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