CONTROP Launches a High End New Fully-digital SPEED-LR Smart System

CONTROP Precision Technologies Ltd. – a company specializing in the field of electro-optics IR defense and homeland security solutions – has launched its newest long-range ground observation system known as the SPEED-LR, a fully-digital and stabilised multispectral system that represents a new standard in the land surveillance market.

The SPEED-LR will significantly increase surveillance capabilities for defence and HLS Forces around the world, particularly when it comes to rapidly detecting and identifying potential threats from increased distances.

The new system incorporates many of the features of its bigger brother, the top-of-the-range SPEED-ER, including cutting-edge sensor technologies for day, night and low visibility surveillance. The expanded SPEED family gives more choice for existing or potential customers and allows them to select a system that meets their requirements and budget.

“This SMART system has multi -tasking capabilities and there is nothing quite like it in the market right now,” said Guy Oren, Vice President of International Marketing and Sales at CONTROP Precision Technologies.

“Being part of the renowned SPEED family, our customers can expect a lot of the same great features that are already present on our other SPEED systems, including exceptional multispectral capability,” he added.

The SPEED-LR incorporates a high definition (HD) cooled mid-wave infrared sensor and HD day camera, as well as a short-wave infrared camera. The latter sensor allows users to see effectively through obscurants such as mist humidity, fog, dust, or smoke, ensuring that threats are not missed.

The new system also incorporates superb line-of-sight stabilisation to ensure a sharp image for operators, at the narrowest field of view even when fully zoomed in.

 “We see this as a persistent surveillance tool, where the SPEED-LR will be able to act like a passive radar sensor, scanning the environment and automatically detecting multiple targets,” said Oren.

 “We are very proud of the SPEED-LR and the fantastic work that the CONTROP team has done to make this available for our customers, particularly in these challenging times,” said Oren.

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