Envitia Selected By BAE Systems for Future Command and Control Opportunities

Envitia has been selected by BAE Systems to provide essential artificial intelligence expertise for Command and Control opportunities in the Electronic Warfare domain.

Pictured in formation are, RFA Tideforce (lead), HMS Northumberland (left), USS Truxton (far left), HMS Dragon (right), USS Philippine Sea (far right) with HMS Queen Elizabeth at the rear during Exercise Westlant 19. HMS Queen Elizabeth is the biggest ship ever constructed for the Royal Navy, Exercise Westlant 19 puts this formidable warship and her embarked F-35 fighter jets through their paces on the USA Eastern Seaboard.Along with HMS Dragon and HMS Northumberland, these ships form the Carrier Strike Group. Supported by RFA Tideforce they were also joined by units from the United States Navy, US Air Force and US Marine Corps.As well as testing the capability of HMS Queen Elizabeth and the F-35, Westlant is an excellent opportunity to strengthen ties with one of our most important allies: The United States. Westlant allows the Royal Navy to bring together the aircraft with a whole carrier task group to deliver a truly potent force.

BAE Systems is part of a strategic team with Thales and other companies that unifies their collective technical expertise and proven UK industrial capability in Electronic Warfare. The team are currently pursuing Electronic Warfare opportunities by exploring open architecture principles to incorporate niche technologies that provide enhancements to Naval decision making.

Envitia will enhance this partnership by providing its machine learning capability to enrich functionality, bringing its expertise and experience of delivering data and geospatial solutions in the maritime and defence sectors. Incorporating artificial intelligence will enable quicker decisions, such as recommending a course of action to reduce a threat or avoid that threat completely. This can be leveraged to serve as a useful tool to augment decision making by the Commanding Officer, rather than automating decisions.

“We are hugely proud to offer a technologically advanced, reliable and cost-effective solution for the Naval domain,” said Envitia CEO Nabil Lodey.  “Envitia’s data platform, combined with our data science capability offers value that is often seen as attractive to larger corporates, the Ministry of Defence, and wider public sector. We’re delighted that this aligns with the strategy to deliver a cutting-edge UK sovereign capability.”

Amelia Gould, Combat Systems Director, BAE Systems Naval Ships, commented: “We are excited to be working with Envitia, particularly in the Electronic Warfare domain. The data science expertise they bring enhances our product offering and shows how available data can be harnessed to improve decision making in high pressure situations. Combining Envitia’s niche capabilities with our systems knowledge will ensure we provide leading edge decision advantage to Naval operators.”

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