SIA Strengthens Cyberthreat Protection with Endpoint MDR System

With this new service, which integrates leading technology from its technological partner Cytomic, it provides a complete and efficient answer to the increasing number of cyberattacks, focusing on the endpoint.

SIA, the leading Indra company in cybersecurity, launches Endpoint MDR, a combination of advanced services for threat detection and the appropriate response to cybersecurity incidents. Its implementation is intended to help companies, regardless of their size and the sector in which they operate, to manage and minimize risks in a more agile way, focusing on one of the most common attack vectors today: the endpoint, either on premise or in the cloud.

This launch of SIA’s new global services of MDR and Endpoint MDR is in line with the strategic collaboration agreement between SIA and Cytomic, the cybersecurity unit for large corporations of Panda Security, a WatchGuard company, and it aims to efficiently resolve and simplify the challenge that companies currently face concerning the lack of resources and specialized professionals to cope with the constant increase in size, sophistication and severity of cyberattacks.

SIA’s service can assess in real time the great number of malware techniques, memory exploits and living-off-the-land that affect clients, monitoring the activity, detecting anomalous behaviors and investigating incidents, identifying the affected machines and the attack vectors, enabling an agile response.

David Fernandez, Head of Cybersecurity Services & Solutions at SIA, points out that, “SIA’s Endpoint MDR service is key to minimizing the risk of suffering security incidents and, in case it happens, to minimize their impact. Based on leading technology of endpoint security and on SIA’s specialists from CyberDefense Centers in Colombia, Mexico and Spain, and CyberResponse Centers in Portugal and Italy, it allows us to provide a distinctive service to prevent, detect and respond to cyberattacks, that is scalable, global and adapts to the needs of every entity”.

According to Maria Campos, VP at Cytomic: “with this service, we offer clients an easy, fast and effective alternative to protect themselves against the new advanced threats and improve their resilience level”, and adds, “we believe that the high added-value service provided by SIA, its experience and its knowledge of the sector, together with our leading security technology in the endpoint and advanced research, combine exceptionally to offer a top quality service, with no need for specialized personnel or large investments in continuous work shifts”.

With the aim of adapting to the needs of organizations, it is available in two forms, Standard and Premium. Some of their main functionalities are the following:

  • Detection based on cases of use. Monitoring and correlation of security events in real time 24×7. Possibility of displaying more than 800 cases of use, intelligence of over 250,000 indicators of compromise.
  • Anomalies detection by User and Entity Behavioral Analysis (UEBA). By means of advanced analytics and Big Data with our own Smart Anomalies solution.
  • Threat Hunting. Proactive investigation and search for threats and incidents, through historic correlation, anomalies search and application of data analysis and threat intelligence.
  • Advanced incident response capabilities. Automation. Light Response to incidents.
  • Threat Intelligence. Monitoring and analysis of multiple sources of information, both public and private. It offers a range of alternatives for a 360° protection against phishing campaigns, malicious apps or identity theft, among others.
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