Ace Aeronautics receives FAA Parts Manufacturing Approval for Production of ACE DECK VL-60 Kit

Ace Aeronautics, LLC (ACE) announced that it had received the  Parts Manufacturing Approval (PMA) # PQ03906SW Supplement # 1 from the Federal Aviation Administration for the production of the FAA STC # SR01944WI, G5000H Integrated Flight Deck (ACE DECK VL-60). “We are extremely happy to offer the FAA certified ACE DECK VL-60 kit to installers around the world,” said Tracy Stapleton, Vice President, Business Development, Ace Aeronautics.

“The PMA production approval will allow ACE to produce and sell FAA approved aircraft articles for installation on type certificated aircraft, specifically the UH-60/S-70 family of aircraft.” The FAA grants PMA approval in accordance with the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)14 §21.303, Orders 8110.42 and 8120.22. “This is an important milestone to meet as an aircraft OEM,” said Tracy Stapleton. “This PMA includes approximately 284 parts from our ACE DECK VL-60 kit, which offers unparalleled capabilities for a legacy aircraft.”

Ace Aeronautics, LLC provides innovative and long-term avionic and airframe solutions to commercial and government aircraft worldwide. Ace solves obsolescence challenges and minimizes technological upgrades through forward thinking and intelligent architectural design. 

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