Ace Aeronautics, opens State-of-the-Art Aircraft Paint Booth and Media Blast Facility

Ace Aeronautics, LLC has opened its aircraft paint booth and media blast facility located in Guntersville, Alabama. This facility will add to the company’s extensive list of capabilities, providing military, commercial and general aviation customers an additional component offering or turnkey service.

“The new media blast and paint canter will accommodate CH/MH-47, UH/MH-60, and AH-64 or smaller from a U.S. Army helicopter perspective,” said Ace Aero President and Chief Executive Officer, Darrell Kindley. “Our booth is designed to accommodate two of those aircraft for paint simultaneously, while the media removal area is configured for one aircraft at a time. Additionally, this paint facility will handle King Air BE-350 and below from a general aviation perspective.”

The facility expansion is only part of the growth Ace Aero will experience over 2020. Recently, the company completed approximately 58,000 square feet of campus expansion including a new hangar and general office space. “In response to the high demand for aircraft storage and MRO space, Ace has invested a significant amount over recent years to meet this need for military and commercial customers,” said Vice President of Business Development Tracy Stapleton. “The opening of our state-of-the-art paint booth is just one example of our investment to bring excellent facilities and services to our customers.”

Ace Aeronautics, LLC provides innovative and long-term avionic and airframe solutions to commercial and government aircraft worldwide. Ace solves obsolescence challenges and minimizes technological upgrades through forward thinking and intelligent architectural design. To learn more about Ace Aeronautics and the company’s capabilities.

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