Schneider Electric Showcases Digital Offerings for Future Airports

Schneider Electric, the global leader in digital transformation of energy management and automation exhibited  its solutions for ‘Future Ready’ for India at a webinar ‘Airports of Tomorrow’ organised by CII .The company highlighted its enterprise level integration system, which in effect is a “System of Systems” approach. This integrated framework provides ‘one version of reality’ enabling airports with a holistic view, quicker decision-making, better controls, improved operating efficiency and the opportunity to offer travellers a seamless experience.

Daniel Bircher, CEO, Zurich Airport International Asia (Kuala Lumpur) and Hari K. Marar, Managing Director & Chief Executive Office, BIAL joined Schneider Electric’s Anil Chaudhry, CEO, SEIPL and Zone President India, to deliberate on various challenges faced by the airports and the way forward on making them future ready. The leaders reiterated that leveraging technology can go a long way in reducing carbon emissions, generating better revenues, and delivering great passenger experience.

Anil Chaudhry, CEO SEIPL said, “Our goals for Airports 4.0 are energy efficiency and unmatched passenger experience and safety. Our technologies digitise the entire value chain of airport infrastructure management which ensure a seamless control and insight into the airport’s operation and energy usage. This allows our customer to operate effectively, safely and in a cost-efficient manner.”

Sharing his perspective, Daniel Bircher, CEO, Zurich Airport International Asia (Kuala Lumpur) said, “We have been implementing various initiatives to reduce the CO2 emissions since 1999 and have so far brought it down by 50%. To implement and practice sustainability, one needs to start at the management level. It is important to measure and calculate one’s emissions to be able to deliberate on the next course of action. As an entity, we  strongly advocate the efficient use of airport waste management concept and are well equipped with effective data management and emission control technology to measure and monitor the waste generated and to convert it into some form of renewable energy.”

The discussion also looked at effective use of renewable energy sources to power airport facilities, optimising energy efficiency to minimise operating costs and achieve carbon neutrality. The global aviation industry contributes about 2% of global carbon emissions. With its large carbon footprint, the entire aviation sector, is strongly committed to lowering carbon emissions and effectively managing its overall energy use. Airports will dramatically save energy efficiency costs.

Airports focusing on sustainability and reducing their carbon footprint gain from substantial cost savings from increased energy efficiency, in addition to achieving environmental targets. With a strong emphasis on sustainability and reducing carbon footprint, Schneider Electric solutions for airports allows airports to dramatically reduce costs by improving energy quality and achieving environmental targets. EcoStruxure for Airport platform provides a collaborative environment for secure, efficient, reliable and sustainable airport service. Airports are now a smart city where almost all processes are digitised. The presence on the land side is therefore becoming increasingly necessary for airport operators who call for Smart City Vision.

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