NEXEYA France Integrates the Latest NATO Tactical Datalink into its Naval CMS LYNCEA

NEXEYA France, a HENSOLDT Company, now integrates the NATO Link 22 tactical datalink into its embedded naval surveillance and defence combat management system (CMS) LYNCEA. It enables the sharing and the monitoring of the tactical picture with other platforms using on-board sensors such as: radar, optronic devices, sonar, electronic warfare, AIS, ADS-B, NATO or non-NATO data link. Designed with a modular architecture, LYNCEA is offering the capacity to evolve and be adapted to all ship types. It also ensures the management of weapons and facilitates decision-making, using powerful graphics tools combined with an intuitive, ergonomic and easy-to-use interface. LYNCEA is especially suitable for state action missions at sea, such as the surveillance of maritime zones, fight against trafficking, public service missions, search & rescue and Anti-Surface Warfare (ASuW). It uses the latest signal processing technologies in order to increase the detection distance of small targets.

Thanks to Beyond Line-Of-Sight (BLOS) secured communication, NATO Link 22 can reach up to 300NM. NATO Link 22 tactical datalink offers a complete interoperability of allied forces and allows the exchange of tactical data with all sea surface, subsea, airborne, land and space platforms. Link 22 also gives access to the Electronic Warfare domain, Command & Control (C2) orders and Free Text. Among its greatest benefits are a BLOS communication, and that a retrofit solution of existing combat units is available, allowing existing platforms to be in service for a longer period of time. Link 22 ‘ELFIN’ replaces the Link 11 ‘ALLIGATOR’.

An industrial partner of the defence industry for more than 30 years, NEXEYA supplies products and solutions to OEMs, as well as their equipment manufacturers. The company is involved in all stages of development and life cycle, from the design, validation, and production to maintenance activities such as obsolescence management. Complementary with HENSOLDT France, which develops IFF identification systems and data links for the Defence market, NEXEYA designs naval and airborne mission management systems. NEXEYA is also a strong player in the renewable energy market, developing and manufacturing hydrogen-based energy storage and supply stations.

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