New Affordable S311 Eco-Flyer G1000 Available from ELITE!

Elite Simulation Solutions, a world leader in the design and manufacture of flight simulation products, is pleased to announce another revolutionary, cost effective fixed-wing training device.

Following the success of ELITE’s recently launched cost effective S311 Eco Flyer flight simulator, ELITE has now answered the demand of the market and further developed its best-selling S311 Eco Flyer Simulator to feature full Garmin G1000 glass cockpit instrumentation. Same as it’s brother the Elite evolution S311 G1000 Eco-Flyer is designed to replicate the function and performance of a multitude of single engine and multi engine aircraft on one simulator.

The new Elite evolution S311 G1000 Eco-Flyer is an advanced aircraft training device which meets FAA AC 61-136B AATD and Australian CASA level b STD (FSD2) certification criteria, for which Elite claims the best benefit to cost ratio in the fixed wing training market. The S311 G1000 Eco-Flyer features the highest fidelity Garmin G1000 Nxi® replica instrumentation available to date, and an external visual system with one or more large flat-screen displays, as well as a multifunctional instructor station.

The intricate design and construction are strong and rigid, yet compact enough, which makes for quick and easy transport and integration into existing or new training sites and requiring a very compact footprint. Due to the revolutionary design concept of the Elite evolution S311 G1000 Eco-Flyer, additional new aircraft modules will be developed in the future as the market need arises.

S311 G1000 Eco-Flyer training capabilities

Familiarization with G1000 system architecture and usage of PFD and MFD
Communication, navigation and engine indication equipment
Taxiing at airport
Engine run up procedure
Approach/Landing training under normal and difficult conditions such as crosswind, gusts, low-visibility and
VFR and IFR Navigation flights
Preparation for intended (real) flights in unfamiliar airspace, along with approach patterns
Inadvertent entry from IFR flight into IMC (inadvertent IMC)
RNP GPS approaches 2D (LNAV) & 3D (LPV and LNAV/VNAV)
Flight planning

The following main attributes are covered by the new S311 G1000 Eco-Flyer:

Train in-flight emergencies without the threat of true danger. Using simulation to practice identifying and assessing risk will help students to learn how to avoid dangerous situations in the first place. Utilizing the S311 Eco-Flyer is a valuable way to practice dealing with emergency situations and thereby mitigating risks.

The targeted use of the S311 Eco-Flyer permits fuel savings (CO2 emission and resulting reduction of personal carbon footprint) and reduces the noise pollution caused by real aircraft training flights.

Reduce in-aircraft training and realize direct savings through reduced fuel usage, extending hour-based inspection intervals, and reducing unscheduled maintenance costs, as well as airplane wear and tear by teaching aircraft techniques and procedures on the S311 Eco-Flyer.

Availability / flexibility
Training on the simulator can be done independent from actual weather conditions at any time, day or night, by pilots of all experience levels.

The S311 G1000 Eco-Flyer flight simulator is a high fidelity, low-cost professional training device for glass cockpit transition training, Garmin G1000 Nxi® familiarization and IFR / VFR training. Due to its compact design, it requires a very small footprint. The newly developed, ergonomic cockpit enclosure with windows further enhances the immersion factor for the student pilot.

FTO’s and Aeroclubs worldwide will benefit from this cost effective and reliable flight simulation training device, suited to a full range of training tasks. With a host of upgrade options available it serves as a fully comprehensive training package.

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