Aircraft interiors specialist, Andrew Newell, joins as Sales Director

Expanding provider of aircraft parts and services for the commercial, governmental/military and rotary aviation sector,, has appointed Andrew Newell as Sales Director.  Newell brings a highly specialised expertise in the aircraft interiors sector and is tasked with setting up a new centre of excellence at Bii. Management of consignment stock is another area of focus for Newell as Bii’s warehousing and logistics management is increasingly utilised by third parties seeking flexible support partners.

“We’re focused on our own teardown programmes as well as working with lessors and airlines who are looking at ways to streamline their reconfigurations cost-effectively” says Justin Blockley, Commercial Director – Bii.  “Andrew has encyclopaedic knowledge of surplus  materials which can be accessed by design agencies tasked with interior modifications for the entire spectrum of commercial aicraft.  This is particularly valuable at a time when aircraft transitions to new owners begin to intensify as a result of COVID-19 and we anticipate that this will start to happen in the next few months.”

Newell comments that actively trading aircraft interior rotables within the MRO, leasing and airline markets requires deep insight across a wide range of electronic electromechanical and mechanical components.  “Understanding the complex processes relating to the interchangeability of parts across modern commercial aircraft is one aspect, managing repairs with trusted workshops to maximise life is another.  We also have our eye on the gradual introduction of PMA parts into the sector which will be a logical step as airlines seek to conserve cash while preserving reliability.

“Because Bii is an agile and independent company, we see an opportunity to build a team to support retrofits reconfigurations and major checks, When air travel picks up this will be an increasingly important part of our business.”

Prior to joining, Andrew Newell was Vice President/Accountable Manager of Leki Aviation with global responsibility for the sale of all aftermarket materials and the creation and development of 25 Repair Centre/Leki Tech that specialised in the repair of electronic and mechanical cabin equipment.

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