MBDA gets international recognition for its management of innovation

MBDA has been accredited as Investor in Innovations Standard by the Institute of and Knowledge Exchange Innovation (IKE Institute) as a recognition of its good practices and adherence to the newly published ISO 56002 Innovation Management System standard. This rewards an Innovation Management. Creating advantage through innovation by applying a systemic approach, instilling a culture that is pro-innovation, embracing an open innovation ecosystem and accelerating promising innovations from idea to solution, quickly and affordably are some of the recommended practices that MBDA has been recognised for, when it successfully achieved the Accreditation.

Eric Béranger, CEO of MBDA commented on achieving this combined recognition: “Innovation is one of our 5 corporate values. We bet on innovation because it is central to our future growth and competitiveness, allows to reduce costs and waste, and increases productivity and resource efficiency, ensuring in the end our customers’ satisfaction and improving sustainability and resilience for the company. To grab the full benefits of innovation, MBDA has put in place organisations and processes that span over its five home nations in Europe, engaging our engineers to share knowledge, experience and best practices fitting with our vision of creating the world’s best complex weapons that deliver the required proportionate military effects. I take the IKE Institute’s ISO 56002 accreditation as a strong recognition of the commitment and efforts of all our employees, partners and stakeholders who have made this achievement possible, particularly in the current circumstances of COVID-19.”

Professor Sa’ad Sam Medhat, IKE Institute Chief Executive and member of the BSI/ISO Innovation Standards Committee said: “MBDA continues to surprise us with their unwavering efforts to push the innovation envelope to the next stage, and have demonstrated best practice in a number of benchmarking categories. MBDA’s Innovation Policy and its consistent execution within the teams spread across many countries including France, Italy, Germany and the UK, demonstrates a systematic approach to innovation capability development that delivers value to everyone involved. This rigorous review and robust analysis by the Validation Panel of c-suite executives drawn from the Innovation Council, provided a thorough action plan for crystallising innovation further within MBDA’s strategic mission. I believe, MBDA is the first multinational company that has embraced and implemented the international innovation guidelines as set out by the ISO 56002 standard. So, may I congratulate MBDA on this excellent achievement.

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