Samel-90 PLC

Samel-90 PLC was established in 1964, as a military equipment plant supplying Electronic Communication Equipment for the Bulgarian Army. Now the company has expanded its scope of activity and it is manufacturing:

LED Lighting, IED Jammers, Artillery Jammers, Command Post Vehicles, Intercome Systems, Switches and Switchboards, VHF portable radios, Field Telephone sets, MANPAD Launchers, Ground radars, Mechanical parts, Tooling, Piezoelectric parts, Ferrite components, Steatite ceramic parts, Transformers, Coils, Chokes, Cable Harnesses, Amplifiers, Connectors, Fittings, Injection Moulding components, Die casting tools, Punching instruments, etc.

Samel-90 PLC has different departments and also provides services and acts as a subsupplier to other companies. We offer assembly services, including SMD assembly, testing of electronic equipment, machining and pressing of metals, production of precise mechanical parts, aluminum die casting, galvanic coating, production of plastic and rubber parts, construction and manufacturing of tools, construction and manufacturing of piezoelectric components and ferrites.

Samel-90 PLC works with more than 32 countries around the world and is proud with the quality of its products and the long term relationships which have been created. Our Employees are an integral part of the business with their commitment and dedication.

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